Sunny Leone and the controversies she was dragged into

Sunny Leone is the controversial queen, not because she loves to be a part of it, but it has been one difficult journey for her to become a part of Bollywood industry as she belongs from the Adult industry. This actress always made headlines due her bold avatar, and she is one of the actresses who don’t let anyone mess with her! Let’s have a look at her controversies that took place.

Interview with Bhupendra Chaubey

Sunny Leone
Sunny Leone

This interview was the most humiliating for this actress, as he kept on reminding her of her past. But everyone in the industry supported Sunny and she could get through this!

Rumor has it!


There were rumors that Sunny leone slapped the journalist in Surat, but later Sunny denied these rumors on twitter!

Spat with Celina Jaitly!


Sunny leone and her husband Daniel Weber were staying in Celina Jaitly’s home when they had moved to India, later when Celina Jaitly wanted them to vacate the apartment the couple was rude to her and Celina said “I had to stay in a hotel with my two-and-a-half year-old twin sons because Sunny Leone and her husband wouldn’t vacate my place. They had no legal ground to keep possession of my home.”

Go back Sunny?


Religious groups like Hindu Janajagruti Samiti had demanded Sunny Leone and her husband to leave this country, and never come back.

Comedy show trivia!


There was rumor that Kapil Sharma didn’t want Sunny Leone on his show as it might not give a good impact. But later she visited the show with Ekta Kapoor!

Rakhi Sawant lashes out on Sunny Leone


Rakhi Sawant knows whats the best to attract media, but this time she commented on Sunny to come in the headlines, she said, “Please don’t compare me with Sunny Leone because I have achieved (my popularity) by dancing, performing, doing reality shows and also by winning hearts of the audiences. I never did any adult film or anything else to achieve this. I hope you all understand.”

KRK and his comments!


Sunny Leone was also the victim of Kamal Rashid Khan’s comment, a man who has a say in any and everything. He dragged her into some rape and surprise sex comments, which was not appreciated by Sunny and she filed a complaint against him. But KRK, never seems to stop as he again commented about her saying, that he would pay her 1 crore for stripping at Digvijay Singh’s wedding.

‘Jism 2’ and the legal battle!


‘Jism 2’ was Sunny Leone’s debut movie; this was in legal controversies as she belonged to an Adult industry. This was the reason ‘A Public Interest Litigation’ was filed against the movie, people claimed that she will be a bad influence on the society.

Kiss with the miss?


Sunny Leone kissed Sandhya Mridul in ‘Ragini MMS 2’ as she said it is her job to do what a script demands for! Many activist and religious groups slammed her!

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