Sanjay Dutt call Salman Khan arrogant? ouch!!!!!

They were once the best of friends. Albeit, things are not well between Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt these days.

Salman Khan who once swore that he would party only once Sanjay is out of jail, did not even come to meet the latter after he was done with his jail tenure. And now, the ‘Munna Bhai MBBS’ actor has apparently called Salman an ‘arrogant’ person.

Sanjay was recently in Delhi where he was asked to play a word association game. He would choose an apt word for each name given to him. During the rapid fire, he was reportedly asked to pick a word for Salman and said, ‘arrogant’.

Ouch, that’s pretty direct!

However, Sanjay had recently spoken about his rumoured tiff with Salman and blamed the media for overlooking their friendly bond. “We all are busy, we can’t meet every day. We met at Madrid but you (media) didn’t write about it, you all write only about fights. Will someone fight with their brother? I love him and that’s it,” he said. The two were reported to be partying together in Madrid, Spain.

Here’s hoping all is really well between them!

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