Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss 10 failed

5 reasons why Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss 10 failed to make it to the Top 10

Here is why the TRPs of Bigg Boss 10 have not been significantly higher than the previous season

When it was first announced that the gimmick for Bigg Boss 10 would be the introduction of ‘commoners’ as contestants, we were a little doubtful of just how well that would work.After all, who would want to see the aam aadmi fight for tea and coffee on national television, right? But surprisingly, sparks flew and they flew high right in the first week of the high voltage reality show. Right from Priyanka Jagga and Bani J’s abusive arguments to the self styled Godman Om Swami’s hilarious claims (one of them was stopping a missile attack on India, just FYI), we and surely the viewers got a heavy dose of entertainment. But then all the drama just fizzled out as we entered the second week of the show and it turned into a yawn fest, which was quite clear when it failed to secure a position in the list of top 10 shows on Indian Television as per the ratings of week 43, which came out a couple of days back. So what really went wrong?

No controversies, no fun

 Bigg Boss without any controversies is just like a bird without wings (yes, old school comparison, but you get the drift, right?). Bigg Boss and controversies go hand in hand, but this year there is not a single contestant (except Om Swami, of course), who has a colourful past to sell on the show. And this might be a major reason behind the lack of interest in the masses. For a show that got its explosive mix of personalities just right in previous seasons, these ones are a tad bit of a downer.

The blah celebrity line-up

Since they don’t have a controversial past, we were expecting them to cause some serious dhamaakas in other ways, but sadly apart from Bani and the Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai fame Rohan Mehra, none of the celebrity contestants created a strong impression in the viewers’ minds. We specially had a lot of hopes from Rahul Dev, but we haven’t seen the real him yet. We are in the week three and the masks really need to come off, it’s high time. (ALSO READ: Bigg Boss 10’s ho-hum TRPs are not very surprising – find out why!)

The creepy baba

Om Swami’s antics are no doubt funny and it’s good to watch host Salman Khan trip on him every weekend, but this self styled Godman is a downright creep, there is no denying it. Everyone who watched the pilot episode felt a unanimous sense of creepiness coming from him. This reached its peak when he was speaking to Deepika Padukone (who was a guest on the pilot episode) about how he assaulted actress Elizabeth Hurley because her dress was too revealing (he says he “cured her of her chronic backache” with the kick but spoke at length about her clothes). Ever since then, he has been making derogatory comments about women inside the house, which might have ticked off the female fan base of the nation’s most controversial reality show.

Priyanka Jagga’s ouster

She certainly caused quite a many ripples inside the glass walled house. Right from peeing in her pants to getting into heated arguments with her fellow contestants, the lady certainly caught the attention of the viewers, although not in a good way, which is why she was shown the exit door right in the first week. But during her one week stint, she earned quite a few fans, who might have lost the interest in watching the show post her ouster.

The tricky time slot

Bigg Boss 10 airs at 10.30 PM during the weekdays. And this is quite a tricky time slot, to be honest. Yes, the makers can air the bold content during that time and all that jazz, but frankly, this time slot is just not working for them despite not having a competition from rival channels. There were times when Bigg Boss aired at 9 PM and it worked wonders for them.

The bosses at Colors and Endemol Shine India really need to pull up their socks and do something to save Bigg Boss 10 from becoming an epic fail.


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