Reham opens up about divorce with Imran Khan, once again

Over a year after her divorce with the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chief Imran Khan, broadcast journalist Reham Khan once again opened up about her divorce on national television.

Referring to Imran’s recent focus on the Panamagate case, Reham said, “Panama Leaks isn’t the only problem that the country is facing…people in Peshawar don’t have clean water to drink.”She further added that the youth of Peshawar was being taught to flout the law under Imran’s leadership.

Since announcing their split on October 30 last year, Imran and Reham have been forced to make several clarifications as many reports regarding their divorce have circulated in the media. Everything from poisoning attempts to domestic violence (Imran being the alleged victim), family feuds, and even the unfair treatment of Imran’s dogs (yes, dogs), has been reported so far.

Reham KhanSince the start of their marriage, Reham had made headlines for all the wrong reasons. Soon after the couple married, Reham’s ex-husband, NHS psychiatrist Ijaz Rehman strongly denied allegations of mistreating her. Furthermore, Rehman claimed she had used him “like toilet paper to clean up her image” after she found herself under fire by traditionalists in Pakistan who saw Imran’s bride as far too Westernised.

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