How Abrar ul Haq transformed Punjabi rapper Bohemia

News of popular US-based Punjabi rapper Bohemia foregoing smoking and alcohol has been making rounds for some time now.

 Ever wondered who the driving force behind the star’s lifestyle changes was? It is none other that musician-turned-philanthropist Abrar ul Haq.

Abrar, who has been working with Punjabi rapper Bohemia in Dubai, seems to have profoundly influenced the Punjabi rapper. Bohemia recently took to Facebook to reveal how meeting Abrar helped him change his life for the better.

The rapper posted a picture of the two sharing a light moment. In the caption, Punjabi Rapper Bohemia revealed he had remained booze and smoke-free since meeting Abrar.

“Ever since I’ve met this man, I’ve been alcohol and smoke free. Thank you sir Abrar Ul Haq 🙏🏽 If I can do it, anyone can. #Merijeet,” the caption read.

The world-famous Punjabi rapper has collaborated with many other Pakistani singers including Sajjad Ali.

“People like Faiz Ahmed Faiz and Mirza Ghalib are our icons and most of my poetry is inspired by them. For instance, in one of my songs I talk about going beyond the stars. The idea is essentially  Allama Iqbal’s. But, only the learned will be able to decipher such influences,” he said.


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