Privacy Policy

Unless indicated to the contrary, Glamo Spot! is the proprietor of all data gathered on its website. Glamo Spot! reserves the right to gather data on behalf of its clients and to license this data to its clients.

All data is stored online on a secure, dedicated server. Data is periodically backed up on a daily basis on a mirror hard drive.
Access to the personally identifiable data of Glamo Spot! registrants is restricted to authorised Glamo Spot! personnel, its System Administrators and its appointed agents. All such parties are contractually bound to confidentiality.
Glamo Spot! clients may have access to selected portions of registrant data and anonymous competition entry or survey data.

Registrant data (where the user has agreed to be contacted by Third Parties), and opt-in email addresses may be disclosed and released to Glamo Spot! clients for their own commercial use.
This data may include age, city, gender, occupation, mobile phone and email address.

A cookie is a portion of data that is sent from the Glamo Spot! web server to the registrant’s browser.
A cookie is created when a registrant logs onto Glamo Spot! and is used to track the user through subsequent page requests to avoid repeated user authentication and to serve user-relevant content. A cookie is created when a registrant logs onto Glamo Spot! and is terminated when a registrant logs off, the browser is closed or after a certain time interval. Another cookie is created when a registrant selects a default city and this cookie is subsequently used to identify the user’s preference on repeat visits to the website.
A cookie may also be used to collect IP addresses for system administration purposes.
The data that Glamo Spot! gathers from competitions, server log files and cookies, is compiled and analysed on an anonymous, aggregate basis and may be shared with clients, alliance partners, affiliates and media agencies. Glamo Spot! registrants expressly consent to the collection and use of this data in accordance herewith.

Glamo Spot! operates an email service through which it conveys AHLAN!-relevant information and client-relevant information to subscribers. Registrants have the option to opt-in to this service upon registration and upon competition entry. Registrants have the option to opt-out of this service every time they receive an email.
Opt-in emailing is controlled, managed and operated by Glamo Spot!, the client or their appointed agents.