Pakistan Television on The Verge of Privatization

Privatization: PTV Sports sold to Geo Super, PTV Home’s prime time goes to HUM TV

Pakistan Television Network has been state’s sole representative of media happenings within the country and around the world. However, unfortunately, the government has decided to auction the only state-owned Television network.

As per the reports revealed via Javed Chaudhry and Daily Express, the federal government has decided to sell out the two media divisions of PTV to private media outlets. The reports have indicated that PTV Sports will be sold to Geo’s sports subsidiary Geo Super, while PTV Home’s prime time telecast ranging from 5:00pm to 9:00 pm is being sold to HUM TV for petty Rs. 2.5 million.

The question worth pondering over is that Pakistan Television is already earning millions through PTV Sports, after banning Geo Super to telecast international matches, as it is the only channel to broadcast live sports; even superseding Ten Sports in ratings. On the other hand, PTV home earns more than millions through advertisements in its prime time. So, what’s the need to sell such prestigious time slot and channel for dimes?

Furthermore, these reports have also indicated that the ministry of information is almost done with its preparations to sell both the channels to respectively mentioned media outlets, however, affirmation from the authorities hasn’t been given yet.

What has made the government take such a crucial step? If the decision has been taken in consent with the higher authorities or the PM himself, remains to be seen. But, we can already acknowledge the future of state-run media channels, if the initial stages of privatization are completed with success.

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