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PAHELI by Anees Malik @ QHBCW

Whirlwind romance of dreams, poems and riddles; rewriting the story My Paheli collection was inspired by my love of folklore, from the way each piece has its own story to tell, from how that piece is created to who is wearing it.

Deep routed in its tradition, the art of story telling has always captivated me and this collection of jewels is thus inspired by it. In a time before mass communication women in the village would gather together and sing songs and act out scenes, often depicting wedding scenes. I took influence from the art of kalamkari, from how their folklore was embedded into the fabric and taken from village to village to dramatise and tell ancient stories.

This compliments the feeling surrounding the bride, the way she is made up to her best, adorned and paraded in all her finery ready to be given away on her wedding day. We have therefore used these ideas taking kalamkari duppatas that portray doli motifs and a wedding procession. The outfits are from KianE couture, designed by Aneesa Kiane, a UK based designer who takes inspiration from South Asia and Persia within her creations.

The design aesthetic is graceful, demure and innovative with flattering cuts that act as a perfect canvas to compliment the jewellery I have created. You will see an amalgamation of traditional Polki jewels with pieces of pachi kundan as well as the some fusions pieces we have conceptualised for this collection.

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