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Oye! Kuch Kar Guzar Pakistan’s first online film

There is no denying it: the internet has changed our world…and the movie business with it.

Oye! Kuch Kar Guzar, Pakistan’s first online film that lets the viewer decide his or her own story, sets a precedent for content creators and consumers.

The film is aptly named Oye! Kuch Kar Guzar — which translates into ‘take the plunge, or just do it’ — and reinforces our essence of gaining independence through a digital lifestyle.

This country first collaboration has been shot in a way that gives alternate endings to each episode. Each episode compels the viewer to steer the story in their chosen direction by using annotations and end screens that keep the viewers tuned in. Viewers can also skip ahead, see related videos throughout and you get to provide calls to action at the right times.

This empowerment not only enriches the viewing experience by adding information and engagement, but also allows the brand to interact with its consumers on a whole new level.

So grab some popcorn, subscribe to djuice Pakistan and see how the exciting and unforgettable adventure unfolds.

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