Miss Sloane sparks debate at DIFF

If the international premiere of Miss Sloane achieved anything on the opening night of the Festival – apart from offering great entertainment – it stirred up discussion.
This was evident at yesterday’s press junket when the Miss Sloane director John Madden carried out a string of interviews with global media.
Touching on the film’s central issue of gun crime, the ‘game’ of lobbying and the current political volatility in America, Madden said: “It’s a film that’s very timely as it turns out – and that wasn’t intentional. It’s about the political process in America and we’ve had the most extraordinary demonstration of that over the past six months, which was when the film was being put together, not when the film was shot. So it’s collided with a particular moment in time.”
The role of women in society and how they are portrayed in films in general was also discussed. “This film reflects a current situation in politics regarding gender. As you can tell from the title, this film has a woman at the centre of it, and a very extraordinary and empowered one at that. In the movie world I think women’s roles are getting stronger and stronger and more interesting. This year happens to be an amazing year for woman.”

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