Kim Kardashian’s Diamond Jewelry Collection Already On The Black Market.

Oh no! Kim Kardashian can kiss goodbye the chances of ever seeing her amazing jewelry collection — including her new 20 carat diamond ring — ever again. Keep reading for how the brazen thieves that robbed her have likely handed off her precious stones and how they’ll shockingly be on the black market for sale within days!

The thieves that robbed Kim Kardashian, 35, of her amazing $10 million diamond collection in Paris had the whole thing planned out ahead of time, including that would become of the precious jewels after the heist! “What happens next is that these thieves will bring the diamonds and jewelry to somebody they already have lined up before they did this job – a fence,” jewelry theft expert Scott Selby tells PEOPLE. “What happens after that is the fence will take apart this jewelry, so that loses value – and now you have all these separate stones.”

“The jewelry is recognizable, you can’t sell them,” he continues. “So, you take it apart, melt down any precious metals, any medium to small stones…the fence will know somebody in the industry who will buy them at a discount (on the Black Market). That person will then sell them on and nobody will be able to tell that they’re stolen, only the initial buyer would know something is wrong.” That is SO crazy!

With the exception of Kim’s massive 20 carat diamond ring that hubby Kanye West, 39 just gave her, Scott says the rest of the jewelry collection’s smaller to medium sized stones will be up for sale in under a few weeks time! Yep, stolen jewels move FAST! “Diamonds like that change hands, five times in two days in Antwerp’s diamond district,” Scott says. “Nobody will ever know…They will be on the fingers of Americans within six months to a year.” OMG how crazy is that! Just thing some unsuspecting women over here cold be walking around with part of Kim’s jewelry collection on their hands or wrists without ever knowing it!

Kim claims that the robbers were after her massive diamond, yelling “ring, ring,” during the heist. That stunner can’t be resold as it’s so highly recognizable. But Scott tells the magazine that there are several things that could be done with it. “You have three choices,” he says. “You could either hold on to it, you can sell it to a buyer who is fine with it being stolen – which is very hard to find, or you can change the stones to make them unrecognizable. It sounds like the ring was the key piece the thieves were after, so with some alteration of the cut or size, that beauty could become more anonymous.

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