Karan Johar opens up on distancing with Shah Rukh Khan

Everyday, there’s one or another interesting bit of information extracted from Karan Johar‘s autobiography doing the rounds on internet. ‘An Unsuitable Boy’ as he has named it, his confessions too might be unsuitable for many. One such was he admitting that he was a homosexual but would never admit it as he could be jailed for that. Karan Johar received considerable backlash from LGBT community for the same.

While his revelations on his fallout with Kajol apparently irked her hubby Ajay Devgn, he has now opened up on how the distance between him and close friend Shah Rukh Khan had once grown larger, and how he sorted it out.

Karan Johar opens up on distancing with Shah Rukh Khan
Karan Johar opens up on distancing with Shah Rukh Khan

“When two people are so close. When they have done six feature films together and then haven’t worked together on the set for a while there is bound to be a gap. That is the way the industry is. Shah Rukh is a very possessive person. He is a possessive friend. I think I may have hurt him when I made a film without him. And I think I got hurt because when I did, I felt he didn’t give me that paternal or fraternal feeling that I had from him otherwise. I think we were two hurt friends for no reason,” he wrote.

Not sure which film is he referring to here, but it took quite a few years for them to come back to old terms.

“When the origin of the friendship is so strong, it just cannot die. I’ve not allowed to either, and neither has he. It happened organically. We met at Deepika’s party celebrating Piku’s success at one point when we were talking, we looked at each other I hugged him instinctively and said, ‘I’ve missed you’. And he said, ‘You’ve no idea how much I’ve missed you.’ We had this moment,” Karan Johar added, mentioning that after his fallout with Kajol, the first person to receive a phone call was SRK.

After all, it is a ‘big layer of love and respect’ that makes relationships work!


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