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The House of Arsalan Iqbal’s Bridal menswear and women’s wear collection ‘Dhanak’ (Rainbow) for Telenor Bridal Couture Week (TBCW16) is inspired by the designer’s belief in the importance of fostering happiness in one’s life with hope and love.

The multi-layered emotion of love is represented by the superimposition of multitude kaleidoscopic rainbow hues subtly layered on top of each other in each of the artisanal garment pieces. Dhanak ‘s menswear and women’s wear are both melded together using luxurious custom pattern weaved silks and merino wool blends for men, with innovative weaving techniques buoyed by four shaft jacquard looms.

One of the challenging highlights of the collection is the incorporation and weaving together of up to eight colors into a multi-dappled symphony of hues with the women’s wear comprising of mostly embroidered pieces using painstaking techniques.

The capsules eschew standard embroidery treatments and are instead buoyed by myriad unique and advanced weaving methods. The silhouettes for the menswear comprises of a slew of sherwanis and jackets in varying lengths with the women’s wear dovetailing vibrant ombré with contemporary, flattering shapes and classic traditional silhouettes.

Dhanak is indubitably a celebration of colours and a tribute to Pakistani and Sub-continental culture, kindness and generosity. This is the first time in Pakistan that a fashion designer has made a concerted and creative effort to produce an in-house music track to complement their showcase during a Fashion Week.

The track entitled ‘Saja hai aaj’ used for The House of Arsalan Iqbal’s “Dhanak” is a fusion of rock and qawaali and was melodiously rendered by the gifted singer Hamza Akram a scion of the Abu Fareed Ayaz family of legendary qawaals with the music produced by Mubashir Admani of Bonafide Studios.


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