Gucci slippers look like Donald Trump’s hair

Donald Trump has been the talk of the town for a while now: he’s become the US President, he’s making a Muslim registry, and now, according to people, his locks look eerily familiar to a pair of Gucci slippers.

Designed for women, Gucci’s Princetown Horsebit slipper from fall last year is made of dyed goat hair from China.

But the shoes aren’t cheap, they cost $1,800 and the website warns, “These shoes run small, we recommend sizing up half a size.”

Surprisingly though, size issues or money aren’t what’s making people talk about the shoes.

People can’t help but compare the hair loafers to Trump’s hair:

here are many things the new President of the United States is known for.

His status as a billionaire, controversial policies – like promises to build a wall between the US and Mexico – and his ‘tiny hands’ have all been in the spotlight during his long campaign trail.

But his straw-like hair has mainly stolen the show, alongside his orange complexion.

So imagine the surprise of rich shoppers when they were perusing Gucci clothes and accessories online and had to look twice at one of the items listed.

The subject of much hilarity is this pair of Gucci slippers for sale on Net-a-Porter.

And the buckle on top just looks like a fancy hair accessory.

The product description reads: “Gucci’s goat hair slippers are one of the most talked-about designs from Alessandro Michele’s debut runway collection.

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