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FAIZA SAQLAIN took inspiration for Soz Kesimi comes from the rich Turkish cultural and architectural heritage.

The mesmerizing Mosaic Lamps acted as a spur to the usage of sheeny fabric, translucent stones and the 3D tassels used in detailing of the pieces.

Mukesh has been substantially added in addition to Reshum and other conventional materials for the same purpose. These lamps have also played a vital role in selection of the hues for the collection.

Dolmabahce palace has also been a major source of inspiration for the motifs on the pieces, which aim to reflect the grandeur and luxury of this splendid construction.

Moreover, the exquisite craftsmanship of Turkish monuments and the mosaic art itself inspired the intensive use of cut work which will be seen in most of the pieces. The culture, architecture and jewels have all been inculcated in the designs and mixed with Subcontinental ethos to give Soz Kesimi a festive look as well as make it wearable for the contemporary woman of this region.

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