Dancers were captured striking poses in the Nude.

From New York City to London, these eloquent dancers were captured striking poses in the nude at hundreds of locations in the US, Canada and Europe.

Nudes in the city: Ballerinas go naked and strike stunning moonlit poses across the US, Canada and Europe. striking poses

  • Breathtaking photographs captured nude dancers posing at nighttime in hundreds of different cities
  • Several images were captured in New York City and Montreal, Canada, as well as the United Kingdom
  • Images were taken by Manhattan portrait photographer, Jordan Matter, for new book Dancers After Dark
  • The dynamic and artistic images in Matter’s book will be available to the public on Tuesday

The stunning photographs of the nude group of dancers were snapped by Manhattan portrait photographer, Jordan Matter, for his new book Dancers After Dark.

One of the breathtaking images was captured in Washington Square Park in front of the iconic arch, with 25 dancers who Matter instructed to to ‘drop your clothes and run into position’, the New York Post reported.

The dancers held their poses in front of the arch for 43 seconds until Matter yelled: ‘Break!’

Jordan Matter, the photographer behind New York Times Bestseller, Dancers Among Us, has been hard at work on his next project, Dancers After Dark. Once again, Matter has teamed up with a handful of professional dancers to photograph them performing their artistic movements, but with Dancers After Dark, Matter takes a riskier approach. The dancers, all of whom are nude, take to the pre-dawn New York City streets where they slip into their birthday suits and strike a pose.

“There is no obvious reason why any of these amazing performers would volunteer for this project; it’s cold, it’s late, it’s dangerous, it’s illegal, it’s unpaid, and, of course, it’s NAKED,” Matter said.

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