Britney Spears and Tom Hiddleston Coupling Up?!

Britney Spears is reportedly crushing hard on Taylor Swift’s ex, Tom Hiddleston.

Sources tell Heat World that the two are definitely interested in each other, but are they interested enough to join their names together?

Tom Hiddleston
Tom Hiddleston

So many options: Hiddlespears, Spearsleston, Hitneystoney … but our vote is for the simple moniker of “Brom.”

Britney’s manager reportedly reached out to Tom’s peeps to set up a one-on-one, and sources say that he’s interested.

“He’s definitely open to it,” they revealed.

“She was his childhood crush, so never say never.”

Britney Spears
Britney Spears

“Britney thinks she’s got a chance, and after being with Taylor, maybe Tom wants someone a little older.”

Britney is more than ready to date again,” the source continued.

“She has a huge weakness for British guys.”

“To her, they are the ultimate gentlemen,” revealed the insider.

“She loves the accent and their good manners.”

It sounds like she’s almost treading in desperation territory.

“All Britney wants is to have a chance to go on a date with Tom, and she’s very hopeful that once they get some alone time together, she’ll be able to totally charm him,” the source continued.

Previously, Tom was linked to Taylor Swift – as if somehow, you were buried in a hole in rural Guam for the last few months – but things apparently didn’t end well.

Though rumors swirled that Taylor just “got sick” of Hiddleston, you know that’s her fall-back story in any breakup.

Sources revealed that Tom “grew tired” of Taylor, and “not the other way around.”

“Tom drifted from her and it had nothing to do with her being put off by the publicity.”

“It’s more to do with the fact that he’s a commitment-phobe who gets bored easily,” the insider continued.

It was reported that Taylor got way too clingy in the early stages of the game – surprise, surprise! – and that put off Hiddleston majorly.

Apparently, Hiddleston realized that “he may have made a mistake after [Taylor] insisted upon them meeting each other’s parents the space of 24 hours.”

Truth be told, Tom can probably get any woman in Hollywood – or anywhere else for that matter.

While Britney is Hollywood royalty … you know, sort of … we don’t think that Britney would be his first choice, honestly.

Nothing against Brit, but maybe she should stay in her own lane in this case.


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