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Befikre Lead Actors Wow Star-Struck Fans on DIFF’s Red Carpet

Aditya Chopra redefines romance with new Bollywood film Befikre which premiered on the second day of the 13th Festival
DIFF took audiences on a historical adventure with Lumière! Inventing Cinema

Bollywood’s most contemporary film to date, the brand-new Hindi romantic comedy Befikre from legendary Indian director Aditya Chopra, excited audiences who came from far and wide for the world premiere which hit DIFF’s screens today.

DIFF16 - Befikre Red Carpet (8)

Ahead of the premiere, cinephiles and history buffs were taken on a journey of discovery with‘ Lumière Inventing Cinema’, a selection of short films from the Lumière! brothers, the pioneers of cinema who have made some of the world’s first and most famous films using the Cinematograph, an invention that changed forever the way we see the world. Audiences in the Madinat Theatre were transported back through more than 120 years of cinema with snap shots of almost 100 short films capturing a glimpse of France and the world in the early 20th century.

The second evening of DIFF continued the cinematic celebrations and highlighted the evolution of film. From an enlightening portrait of the birth of cinema, displayed with an outstanding exhibition of a selection of short films from the Lumière brothers, to the screening of Befikre Bollywood with a modern twist. Devoted fans lined the red carpet on Thursday to welcome adored Befikre lead actors Ranveer Singh and Vaani Kapoor before the film’s highly anticipated world premiere screened at DIFF’s Madinat Arena.


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