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10 Films That You Have Forgotten About Completely!

Our memory span is so short that we have forgotten about the films that released way back in the 2000s and left us bewildered with the kind of cinema the industry was experimenting with. From real life incidents to imaginary tales.

These films have acquired a part of our mind but we have still forgotten about them.

And to start with a light dose of films, we will remind you of Ranbir Kapoor and Konkana Sen Sharma starrer

1. Wake Up Sid

When an aspiring writer from Kolkata enters spoiled Sidharth’s life, his life changes. The film is about Aisha and Sidharth’s self-discovery and a parallel love story with the two.

2. Zubeidaa
Being the second wife of a Hindu king, Zubeidaa fights her inner demons to be able to cope up with her husband’s first wife. Her tumultuous relationship with her husband and her obstinacy leads her to a fatal end.
3. Parineeta
This poignant tale of romance is searing. Lolita and Shekhar, who love each other since a young age are torn apart by Shekhar’s father’s conspiracy and Shekhar’s own changed and indifferent behaviour towards Lolita.
4. Jhankaar Beats
“Boss Kaun Tha Malum Hai Kya?” Jhankaar Beats can never be forgotten for its music, classic friendship, maintaining relationships and rebuilding marital discords.
5. Iqbal
An inspiring journey of a deaf and a dumb boy who aspires to become a part of the Indian National Cricket Team.
6. Yahaan
When a local Kashmiri girl falls in love with an army man, things become bad for the two of them. Adaa and captain Aman are torn apart after Adaa’s brother is suspected to be a terrorist.
7. Border
90s kids will agree with us. We have all grown up on Border, haven’t we? Battle of Longewala fought in Rajasthan, where the Indian Army bravely fought until they received help from the Air Force.
8. Stanley Ka Dabba
Little Stanley is instructed by his school teacher to get lunch because he loves sharing students food. What ultimately opens up as the reason behind his ‘no lunch’ days is saddening.
9. Hawa Hawaii
To become a skating champion, young Arjun starts compromising his health. He works throughout the day and practices at night, which makes it difficult for him to make the two ends meet.
10. Rahul
Rahul is torn between the love for his mother and his father, who have left each other after their relationship turned sour. The reckless decision leads to a traumatic experience for their young son.

Well, you can thank us later now!

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